Aqua Marina Beast Review (Buying Guide 2021)

For those who want to buy a cheap but safe SUP, we will share a very different iSUP review. Aqua Marina BEAST is a product that meets these criteria. We can say that it is a durable SUP with 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″ measures.

Colorful patterns are noteworthy. If you’re looking for a mid-level SUP for water sports, exercise, yoga, water navigation and fishing, you can be sure that it will be the right choice.

You can mount Go Pro camera at nose. The top deck is covered by an extended-length, diamond pattern EVA foam traction pad. You can use it with children and pets. The wide deck is suitable for this. You can use it with children and pets. The wide deck is suitable for this. A carrying handle in the middle of the board has been added for easy handling.

Quick Overview for Aqua Marina Beast

When we consider the price, Aqua Marina Beast is really one of the most affordable prices. The old version did not have paddle.

Aqua Marina Beast Review

There is now paddle in the 2021 version and it has been a preferable option for users. One of the most important accessories of SUP products is paddle. The absence of paddle in the old version caused this product to be sold less.

But despite all this, it’s certainly a SUP that can make you happy. It is a budget-friendly iSUP and great opportunity for beginners. We liked the material quality, durability, color design and safe deck. Performance – quality and price features are very compatible with each other.

Specifications of Aqua Marina Beast

It has an average SUP specification and is suitable for beginners / intermediate users. Aqua Marina Beast Specifications are as follows: Length 10’6″, width 32″, thickness 6″, weight 19.2 pounds, max capacity 308 pounds. Although the capacity is 308 pounds, the recommended capacity is 275 pounds. This advice applies to other SUP products. You should always calculate at least 50 pounds missing. This is necessary for a safe SUP drive.

Aqua Marina Beast Back


If your goal is to spend pleasant hours in the water and do water sports, Aqua Marina Beast Features are enough for this. We have compiled the most striking features for you:

– Durable & stable

– Balanced

– Reasonable price

– Comfortable and safe

– Suitable for children and beginners

– Made of quality material

– Gorgeous Colorful Designs

– Non-slip deck

There is a Halkey Roberts-style air valve at the board tail and 5 D-rings. These rings have been added to connect your equipment, bag or belongings.

There is a separate plugin for Go Camera. There is a single removable fin on it. To stabilize the SUP outside of the water or to improve your performance in water. In terms of features, it is quite sufficient for beginners and intermediate users. Everything you need is considered for safe and comfortable SUP enjoyment.

Quality & Performance

There is absolutely nothing to discuss about product quality.

Diamond pattern The EVA foam traction pad will make you feel safe and comfortable. Maneuverability on the water is very good. It has a solid and balanced stance. You can’t do much speed maybe but it is ideal for a fun driving pleasure.

Aqua Marina Beast Quality

It’s deck is wide enough for yoga and exercise. For best performance, we recommend that you inflate 15 psi. This is the ideal ratio.

What’s in the Aqua Marina Beast Accessories?

We are happy to introduce Aqua Marina Beast accessories. Let’s first list of products in the accessory package and then examine them all one by one:

– Backpack

– Paddle

– Hand pump

– Pressure gauge

– Go Pro mount kit

– Valve adapter

– Repair kit

The backpack is actually a carrying bag. So not like other SUP backpacks.

You can wrap all the SUP materials and accessories and tighten the belts. So it turns into a backpack form. You can carry it in the cabin, in the car and on your shoulder. Don’t expect too much. It’s a classic backpack. Ideal for carrying sup.

There is a separate pocket for the pump. It has a handle, shoulder straps and a small compartment where you can put a water bottle on the side. Hand pump has average features. The fact that it’s not double-edged can get you a little tired. Because after 6 psi, you can have trouble inflating. But you could still use it. It’s a standard pump. At least it is good to have the pump free of charge. The most interesting accessory is the “Go Camera kit”, which is not available in other SUP products.

You can mount your camera on the nose of the board and take interesting photos while using the SUP. The repair kit contents are also classic materials in each SUP pack. You can do small repairs yourself.

Apart from these, if you want to use a more professional pump, we can recommend the K-Pump K20 pump.


If you are ready to use the SUP and you are just starting out, Aqua Marina Beast is for you! Our favorite features among Aqua Marina Beast pros are:

– Suitable for every SUP user

– Durable and good in performance

– Quality structure

– Impressive design

– Affordable price

– Safe and fast

– Free backpack and pump

– Lightweight and easy to carry

– Suitable for children

It is a very suitable product according to the price. It doesn’t have ultra-features, but it’s impossible to buy from the same product at this price. We considered price and performance compliance when evaluating. If you want to meet with an average SUP, you can be sure you won’t find any better.


The backpack is not very high quality and does not have enough pocket inside.

Very difficult to carry on the shoulder and does not have wheels. It’s too bad that there are no holding handles on the nose and tail. It can be a little hard to stand on the SUP.

It could have been better if more D-rings were added.

We are also surprised that the warranty period is only 1 year. It would be better if it had at least 2 years warranty. But anyway still, we can say this is one of the best SUPs at this price!

What is the price of Aqua Marina Beast ?

5 different packages have been prepared and they all have different prices. The prices of packages with accessories and without accessories are different. You can choose and buy any package according to your budget and needs. Aqua Marina Beast price is really the cheapest of the market.

Even if you choose a fully equipped sup package (including all accessories), it still looks quite affordable. If you’re looking for a sup with high quality, durable, safe and crazy designs, don’t miss the campaign sales price.

How to buy?

If you want to buy Aqua Marina Beast, you can buy here. The Amazon site is a complete SUP paradise. You can buy all SUP models from Amazon at the best price.

Accessories that are missing from this SUP are also available at Amazon. If you select the package and purchase the package with accessories, you will have a fully equipped iSUP package.


Aqua Marina Beast Buying Guide & FAQ

Q: When I purchase a fully equipped package, what will be included in the package?

A: SUP, paddle, seat, leash, pomp , backpack and repair kit

Q: Why didn’t the manufacturer include accessories in the package?

A: In fact, this is a very logical strategy. Do you know why? Because most SUP users already have these accessories. And some users want to use the accessories that suit their wishes. For example, the given paddle may not be suitable for them. Or they don’t like the color. This is why accessories are not included in the package. So briefly; they left the selection to the user.

Q: Can I use my own backpack for this SUP?

A: Yes, sure you can. Already all SUP backpacks are compatible with each other


Even if there were a few shortcomings, we liked the product very much. In our Aqua Marina Beast review, we tried to share all the details of the product with you.


This SUP is ideal for beginners, children and hobbyists. We highly recommend professional users to evaluate different products.

We admire its design! It’s really impressive. It has a durable and robust structure. The deck is wide and safe. Backpack and hand pump standard. Considering the price, we can say it was an excellent SUP. You don’t have to hesitate about it.

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