Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10” SUP Review (2020)

We have examined the most economical and portable product of the iSUP produced by Aqua Marina brand. It is an ideal product for beginners, children, water navigation and especially fishing. When we value it in terms of price and performance, we can say that it is the most suitable SUP which can be purchased. Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10” measurements are slightly lower than other products, so you should not go too far from the shore. And the carrying capacity is slightly less than the others.

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Aqua Marina Vapor 9'10" SUP Board

Quick Overview for Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10”

Accessory package is equipped and sufficient. Available in blue color. The first feature that attracted our attention was definitely the price. It surprised us that it was sold for almost the price of an ordinary accessory package. But when we examined the product, we found that it was really suitable for quality and durability. If you are a professional SUP user, you should choose different products. It is ideal for beginners and children only.

D-rings, lightweight paddle and safety measures are suitable for beginners. There is an air valve at the tail of the board. And it covered with a large EVA foam traction pad with a honeycomb groove pattern. With 2 + 1 removable fins, you can balance your water performance. The deck pad is soft and sturdy. In the bungee storage area, you can store your belongings.

Aqua Marina Vapor 9'10" Stand Up Paddle Board Fins

Specifications of Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10”

The Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10” specifications are quite compatible with each other and listed as below: length 9’10”, width 30″, thickness 4.72″, weight 18 pounds, max capacity 220 pounds. The carrying capacity is only suitable for 1 person. 2 people may be inconvenient. Because its size is not suitable for this.


The best feature that we liked in among the Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10” features is that paddle is included in this product. As you know, this brand usually requests extra charge for paddle. But in this product, it’s good to be included in the package. It is convenient, robust and versatile SUP. You can find everything you need in the accessory pack. Ideal for beginning. We are sure that children will love this product! The inflating capacity is 15 PSI. The product is guaranteed for 1 year. If you experience a possible problem, you can get support from Aqua Marina’s customer service. If you want to use paddle board in the ocean, we recommend you to read our article.

Front And Back

What’s in the Atoll Board Co 11′ Accessories?

Yeah! Paddle included. We’ll answer before you ask. Let us give you this good news. In the Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10” Accessories package, you will have SUP, paddle, carrying case, hand pump and 2+1 removable fins. Are these enough for you? We think so! Maybe you can buy an extra leash. It is mandatory especially in the use of children. The carrying bag is of good quality and all materials fits easily into it. The pump is a good pump with standard features. Paddle is very light and comfortable. The fins can be easily removed and fitted. In short, this package will help you a lot!

Aqua Marina Vapor 9'10" Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories


Simple, practical and safe is ideal for those who want to buy a SUP.  Aqua Marina Vapor pros are listed as follows:

– Safe

– Suitable for children and beginners

– Cheap SUP

– Equipped accessory package

– Balanced and robust

– D-rings

– Storage area

– Suitable for multiple use

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a SUP. The starter package has everything that should be. To improve your driving experience, you can start with this SUP. It gives you experience. You will find everything you need to fish, take nature photos and navigate in the water.


The fact that the board is not too thick can make you nervous. At least we’d like it to be a little more durable and thicker. Only 1 year of the guarantee period is among Aqua Marina Vapor cons. Paddle’s a little below the standards. So it can be a little difficult to control in extreme wavy water. If you are a professional user, you may need to use a different paddle. Because it won’t satisfy you. But in spite of everything, it is a very high quality and ideal sup in general.

What is the price of Aqua Marina Vapor ?

And now we will examine the most impressive feature of the product! Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10” price, we can say it is the cheapest of the market. The reason for this is the direct sales from the manufacturer. In other words, no intermediaries. Sales are made from factory to consumer. Do not think the product is of poor quality. It is a high quality, cheap, handy SUP and sold with an accessory package.

Aqua Marina Vapor 9'10" Stand Up Paddle Board Customer

How to buy?

Of course we’ll say again as Amazon. You can buy it safely from the Amazon website, which is a SUP paradise. You can buy Aqua Marina Vapor at this link. Don’t forget to check stock before buying. After the payment confirmation, the shipment process starts and you receive the product as soon as possible.

Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10” Buying Guide & FAQ

Q: Is it suitable for very fat people?

A: If you’re going to ride one person, you won’t have a problem. But we can say that it’s definitely not suitable for 2 people.

Q: What about carrying case? Is it suitable to hang on shoulder?

A: It is a classic carrying case. It may not be suitable for hanging on the shoulder. Suitable for car trunk or aircraft cabin. You can carry it with the handle.

Q: Can i use my own accessories for this SUP?

A: Of course you can! Paddle, pump, leash, seat and whatever you want. You can use all other SUP accessories for this product.



Before preparing the Aqua Marina Vapor review, we have heard very positive comments about this product. That’s why we wanted to test the product in person. We really think you deserve the compliments. Ideal for people with limited budgets. Mid-level and beginner level users can buy. Durable, convenient, with a wide range of accessories, it is the cheapest product on the market. Currently, an amazing campaign has begun for all Aqua Marina products. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you may consider this product.

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