Atoll Board Co 11′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

One of the first remarks of the Atoll Board Co 11′ SUP is the design of military-themed works that some people like. The black color of the dark army on the board was supported by the board and light blue, and a few months ago the company created two completely new colors that also look very good, red and blue.

Previously there was a lack of color choice, so we are happy that these new color settings have been added to the blend. The new colors are more attractive to women cyclists, and anyone who simply does not appreciate the military-themed look is expected to be a great salesman for the company.

Atoll 11′ iSUP 11′ x 32 “x 6” weighs only 21 lbs, ensuring high water stability. The solid selection of beginners and more experienced pedals and the shape of the cone at the board reduces cutting and cutting. This board is also very versatile and can be used for various activities such as. Works with flat water, SUP fitness, fishing, expeditions to night camps, etc.

Atoll Board Co 11' Inflatable SUP Board Light Blue Left

Quick Overview for Atoll Board Co 11′

Atoll Inflatable is a premium paddleboard made of the finest materials. These materials and cutting edge design make comparable models lighter. The goal is to provide the best possible user experience from the moment you remove it from the box.

11′ long and 32″ wide, this iSUP Yoga SUP can also be used, including SUP versions. Atoll Board Co is probably the best and most sought after advice of SUPer.

Before creating a new model for the board, they went out of their way to ask the users what they wanted. The answers were tested and made the perfect solution for cyclists. The previous model did not come on a leash so it was added to the box and the number of D-rings increased to 15. In addition, the quality of the equipment in the package has improved.

The Atoll Board Company claims that this board is perfect for all SUPER. They find it ideal for everyone, regardless of age or height. How true is this? Here’s the paddle of Atoll. You receive real feedback from your customers to help you decide.

In my opinion, nothing surpasses the general sense of the natural world around us to enter and integrate into the cruel elements of the planet. There are many ways to achieve this feeling, but the best way to do this is to remove the drop down menu and move only with power.

I have been chewing for some time, and if I talk about what I can describe for this sport, it will be “rejuvenation”. But this time it’s not easy, because over time I learned that the parachute is a very accurate activity. I mean, you can not just jump and I hope everything goes well. Instead, you must be very curious if you have an initial state of mind, your intention, but most importantly, use the equipment.


– This board reflects the appearance of an authentic sauna, which is very rare in the inflated tires

– Includes everything you need to keep it as a beginner or a professional worker.

– This board weighs 21 lbs, which means that the child or pet can accompany the play

– Recommended for riders up to 400 lbs, and has been water tested at over 700 lbs with multiple riders.

– Very easy

– Stable

– Good rigidity

– Friendly to start

– Super versatile

– Tony D-rings

– Universal universal box for fin

– Large storage rooms

– It contains everything you need

– 2 years warranty + 60 days money back guarantee

– Great customer service


– Melting finally gets your nerves, so you just have to get an electric pump and save. This fits better with the hand pump in the bag

– The portable neoprene handle for the handle can not be removed

– Optional equipment is quite simple

There is another product with similar properties.
A successful paddle board. Gili Sports Adventure 11′

Features of Atoll Board Co 11′

Now you need to ask yourself why it sounds spiritually and why not because we are finally talking about what can be an extreme sport. Well, this thing can be a lot of paddle. Personally, I prefer a beautiful and peaceful side. But that does not mean that I do not want to be crazy. In fact, it really does not help, but enjoys what the paddle offers. Let’s go back to the equipment. It is very important to choose the right board for you when you decide to accept this sport. And you probably read this review because you are interested in the Atoll Board Co 11′ inflating ramp. “So save problems and tell me that this board is great. Most, if not all, will meet your expectations and will, if we help you, It’s about the details.

Beautiful black and white EVA foam with the Atoll logo on the top of Atoll Board Co 11′ SUP. In the middle of the deck, the permanent edge, soft neoprene handle and 8 stainless steel rings that are designed for mounting or cooling.

Earlier he grabbed the handle on the nose on the board, but disappeared. On the front of the board, there are 6 additional D-rings and a huge convertible network for storing the cable to secure something. With a total of 15 D-rings on the board we want the fact that there are so many options available for the equipment.

Atoll Board Co 11' Inflatable SUP Board Light Blue Back

Another D-ring is located on the back of the disc to provide the supplied SUP leash. The handle has a neoprene handle, which is extremely convenient for pulling and exiting the lid. The positioning of the handle on the deck ensures that the ribs are lifted from the shore and prevent the injury.

Atoll 11′ Cruzer Deluxe includes a central plane of 2 + 1 inches and two smaller lateral fiber ribs. We love the fact that Atoll uses a high-quality universal box on the ship – this provides flexibility when replacing fins.

Atoll 11′ paddle consists of two PVC layers and the new Fusion Light. There is also a second patented PVC layer at the top and bottom. The end result is a strong and solid board. When fully inflated, you can easily suppress the epoxy disc. The construction industry is 30% lighter than competing models. The package includes a bag, manual pump, cable, perforated fin, accessories for front and rear covers, triple paddle and repair kit. The manufacturer ensures that we will do our best to start the shovel the same day; we are talking about plain style. The equipment is a high-quality board.

The quality of the supplied backpack has been improved. Now it is made of lightweight, breathable and heavy nylon. The bag is large enough to fit all the accessories and provide extra space for other materials needed for portability.

It allows you to get fatigued without fatigue – it is important if you want a long tour with the SUP. Three-piece paddle can be set to select the perfect length. Children can use it.

Cover the black and white EVA foam to prevent slippage and imbalance when the board is damp. The top of the EVA is soft and easy to legs. There are 15 D-rings for connecting the load and paddleboard. This way, when you leave your property, your personal belongings will not fall and they will probably disappear in the water.

Tri-fin design allows for efficient and easy tracking. ISUP is smooth and sinks in water and can be used in smaller races. Some iSUPs are known to be bulky and slow in water – but not in Atoll Board Co 11′.

Atoll has a large lid. 11 “long, 32” wide and 6 “thick Woolen without difficulty fit into the board If you want to bring children or dogs Apart from being large enough to wear something, the soft top of EVA ensures that it is comfortable. Learn how to balance it it’s a great board.

This iSUP is very durable. The PVC material is super hard and the deck retains any extreme condition. Do not aim for diving and condensation on a fiberglass plate. Every bike was scared because the deck faded, because sometimes the damage could be irreversible. Atoll helps you not to worry about fantastic sports.

Atoll Board Co 11′ is easy to transport. The inflated paddleboard is lighter than most iSUPs. There are three portable handles that help injecting water. The first one is at the top of the D-rings, in the middle of the second (if it is alone), and the third on the back of the deck.

Recommended for riders up to 400 lbs, and has been water tested at over 700 lbs with multiple riders. Suitable for larger SUPER. If it is easier, an additional person can participate on the board. This weight capacity is useful when the fishing soup or the long SAP expedition is supplied with many props.

What’s in the Atoll Board Co 11′ Package?

The Atoll Board Co 11′ SUP contains everything you need for rowing. The box includes a backpack of Atoll, a 3-piece aluminum paddle, a dual action pump, a 10-inch SIP belt, a repair kit, a manual for instructions and a package of Atoll stickers.

– Two layers of PVC and a brand new fused light

– Lightweight, 21 lbs

– High quality H3 valve

– There are 15 D-rings

– The package includes a backpack, shovel, rafts, repair kit, handbrake, baskets and leash

– The backpack is made of nylon and has a web site

– Third aluminum with three paddles with a spade

– Tri-fin design for easier and more efficient monitoring

– Dimensions: 11′ x 32″ x 6 ”

– Strong, firm and rigid

– The occasion is 10 meters long

– 8-inch composite finish

– Universal bag

Atoll Board Co 11' Inflatable SUP Board Accessories

1-) Backpack

The basis of Atoll Board Co SUP is essential. A bag that naturally takes care of minimalists, this lightweight backpack includes a rubber / plastic grid that allows drying the bag.

There is a large, flexible bungalow area on the front of the bag. In addition to external storage, a bungee wire can also be pulled down to bring down the bag and fill the package.

Top of the bag, like most dry bags, is fitted with a lock on the roll. The opening of the bag also has a complete finishing velcro, which is nice and safe.

Back to the bag has a handle and two completely adjustable shoulder strap.

Lightweight SUP backpack that keeps the equipment and makes it more comfortable and convenient to store. If you plan a hard trip, we recommend planning more efficient planning because the main network and material network are likely to be destroyed by carriers. In the future, you really want to see Atoll refresh your bag for a longer SUV wheel that fits better for a serious trip.

2-) Paddle

Atoll Board Co 11′ Inflatable SUP has a thorough 3-paddle. This paddle has a black aluminum shaft and a nylon paddle.

The wreath was much more flexible than the other knives they saw and slightly rounded when they retreated from the box. This is likely to be corrected with some heat and low power, but it will probably have a major impact on the performance of the paddle.

As mentioned in the backpack, paddle is another area where the company can improve. It should be easier, better quality of carbon fiber for the SUP package and add more value.

3-) Pump

Atoll Board Co 11′ has a high quality Bravo SUP pump that makes a good job of inflating the lid. The pump has a built-in gauge and dual function, which means both a flow of air and downstream.

4-) Leash

We love the fact that Atoll Board Co supports the safety of the SUP with a 10″ coil SUP. The enclosed grid is fitted with a double metallic closure that prevents adhesion and has a warm neoprene cuff with a cuff with a built-in keyring.

5-) Repair kit

The board also contains an iSUP repair kit. The plastic reservoir for orange is equipped with glue, three PVC patches and a valve.

6-) User’s Guide / Sticker

Atoll Board Co 11′ SUP tool is a useful instruction manual and a package of Atoll stickers.

In terms of usefulness, this scheme has been significantly improved compared to other boards in the same category. For beginners, ATOLL 6 includes a ring made of a stainless steel ring attached to a bungee cable that allows you to keep anything from the shoe shoe. There are three handles: one at the top of the D-rings, mounted or fixed on the deck, and the other in the middle to hold the board in one place. Like the first, but the base of the ankle connection. (If you can not take the board with you, you can ask someone to help you use the front and rear handles).

Now, when it’s user-friendly, this board is really impressed. ATOLL is part of a comprehensive suite that includes everything you need to maintain your desktop. The first thing you notice is a hand-held high-pressure gun, which is an enemy of every sheet on the arc. The first few times you may not notice a 10 minute transport, but over time this is a big challenge and applies to all inflated boards. I advise you to simply use the electric pump or if you do not buy it because you will need it sooner or later.

The sheet is a great addition to the folding aluminum shovel, which can be divided into three parts: additional portability, sliding, removable central fin in order to avoid shallow water, usually repaired package which is always a good thing, but the last, but not less, backpack large enough to provide a disc, a shovel, a repair kit and a pump.

Atoll Board Co 11′ Construction

The latest version of Atoll Board Co 11′ Inflatable Paddle includes Fusion Light, which drastically reduces body weight. Atoll Board Co 11′ Super is lightweight, only 21 lbs, and a high quality core with superior colors and a PVC double layer contributes to the durability and rigidity of the sheets.

SUP Board Customer

It’s hard to give a negative feedback with all the fantastic features and incredible reviews. You will find everything in a comprehensive form. This board is strong, hard, stable and well-followed (easy to use).

Atoll is not a household name, but it does not really matter how good a product is. I expect long to provide good service for a long time. Although it’s a little decent, there are sisters who do not even give up half. In addition, every cutlery is available and saves a few dollars.


I’m impressed by Atoll Board Co 11′ SUP and I found the water a lot of fun. We love the fact that it contains only 19 pounds on the board and has a great stiffness when blowing 15 PSI. The company is known for its excellent customer service, and a 2-year warranty indicates that they are seriously taking the equipment.

This board is a good choice for anyone on a stable, durable and fun, inflated SUP market, and offers many years of unforgettable rowing adventures.

SUP Board Customer Experiences

Most of the inflated decks are finally like a rectangular board and are good for contemporary art, but if you appreciate the authentic sarphone, Atoll is your friend.

In addition, the deck has a well-designed handle that covers most of the deck to provide a firmer balance and more space on the ship. The framework of the frame not only serves to maintain the balance when it is Atoll, but it is very useful if you want to return.

I do not overstate the fact that the tires that are lost are so practical. I mean, it fits in the backpack with every other tool – How crazy is that? You do not have to worry about setting up huge storage space and you do not have to rent a van for transport to the nearest water. Basically, you can carry a backpack and go to the nearest lake, and SUPing must start everything. I do not hate strong boards, but I say booster boards offer much more.

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