Gili Sports Adventure 11′ SUP Review

GILI, which is well known brand by SUP users, produced one of the most talked-about products of the sector with this new model released after the 10.6 Air model. Gili Sports Adventure 11′ SUP has all the features it needs to be in a SUP. Suitable for fishing, water exercise and sports, water navigation and hobby use. In the new model, the accessory package is better equipped and the performance is improved.

All add-ons are included for your safety and comfort. Design, color options, double-layer PVC construction, easy to use and increase the storage space is one of the outstanding features of the product. Manufactured with dual-layer MSL Technology according to military standards. It provides a safe driving against all possible dangers in water. With its 2 + 1 fin feature, it allows you to keep the balance and water constant on the water.

You can use it comfortably in all waters such as ocean, sea, lake and river. It is an easy portable product. You can carry it in hand, in the bag or in the trunk of the car easily.


It is made of durable, non-slip material. Ideal for beginners and professional SUP users. We could say the hardest SUP of the market. It is lighter and faster than its predecessor. With the upgraded paddles, you can move faster in the water and feel safer. 32 “wide deck allows you to move comfortably on the board.

This allows 2 people to ride or use with your pet. When we tested this product, we were really sure about its durability. Already the product shows itself on water.

Now selling at discounted price now allows you to save 20%. There is another reason to buy this product. The manufacturer has a very different campaign. It dedicates a portion of the profits from the sales of its products to the survival and conservation of your Ocean and marine creatures.

The company, which developed a social responsibility project, won the appreciation of SUP users. If you want to support the project, you can contribute by purchasing the product. Not only that, of course, you can also buy to have one of the best products in the market.

Paddle Board Specs

One of the most durable and flashy products in the world of SUP, Gili Sports Adventure 11′ paddle board Specifications are: Length 11′, width 32″, thickness 6″, weight 21 lbs, max capacity is 290 lbs. It is suitable for children to use.

Don’t forget to wear them life jackets. When they’re on this SUP, you don’t have to worry about them.


The meaning of the material according to the military standards used in SUP products is as follows; it is resistant to all kinds of impacts and breakage. They are even claimed to be resistant to bombs. Gili Sports Adventure 11′ SUP construction is made of this material. Highly durable with double-layer PVC coating.

The material quality of its accessories is at the same standards. Paddle, packbag and all other accessories are manufactured and guaranteed to be the most durable. The 3-piece carbon fiber shaft travel paddle has been redesigned and renewed.


Gili adventure 11′ SUP, which is a highly compatible product in terms of quality and price balance, is at the top of its list in quality ranking. SUP users make very good comments about Adventure 11′ SUP quality. The product’s 2-year warranty and a 60-day refund offer you no worries about product quality.

Product specifications and materials already gives us information about the level of quality. It is really very splendid and durable.


The renewed paddles and wide surface deck make it faster to use in water. Paddles performance is great. Easily grasped and lightweight paddles let you go like a fish in water. Gili adventure 11′ SUP performance is one step ahead compared to other products. It provides fast and safe sup usage.

The large size does not affect performance negatively. On the contrary, additional features have been added to its performance.

Thus the speed and use in the water is excellent. It acts like it dances on water with its wide deck. Aesthetic design, durability and quality is a whole.

Board Features

Gili adventure 11′ SUP is one of the most suitable boards for water navigation or exercise. Everything you need to fish, go for a ride with your dog or have fun with your friends is thought out. In our testing and review, we admire the Gili adventure 11′ SUP features. Some of these features can be listed as follows:

– Multiple color options (Blue and yellow colors)

– Durable enough to handle all tough conditions

– Stylish Design

– Equipped accessory package

– 290 lbs. carrying capacity

– Lightweight carbon fiber paddle

– Easy to carry and lightweight

– Everything with 16 D-rings for your equipment and safety

– Removable fins – easy to wear

– Front and rear bungees – Large storage space

– Brushed EVA Traction Pad

– 2 years warranty

Do not intimidate the size of the product. It’s not as heavy as it looks. Water is good enough to ensure your safety. It is very easy to carry. It only takes a few minutes to blow up. It is easy to install and can be carried easily in its bag.

We can say that it is one of the most robust products we have reviewed so far. You can better understand what we mean by using it.

How to set up?

You only need less than 10 minutes to set up (inflating 5-6 minutes). The product comes with a carrying case. Accessories are packaged separately. Remove one by one from the box. First inflate the product and attach the fins. The adjustable paddle consists of 3 parts and can be easily installed.

You won’t need any extra tools for Gili adventure 11′ paddle board setup. You can prepare them in minutes in a practical and manual manner. 10 minutes after opening the package, you can leave yourself in the water. And that is all!


In this new model of the Gili brand, Gili adventure 11′ SUP accessories have also been refurbished and strengthened. Particularly serious steps were taken in paddle and renewed. The product package, which comes complete with a full accessory package, is available with SUP users.

Here are the full accessory list of the product:

Travel backpack: The backpack is really ideal for the SUP carry. You can also use it for your different travel plans. You can also use it for camping, mountaineering, outdoor activities and even holiday tours. Airplane cabin, car trunk and shoulder designed to be easily transported.

The conveyor belts are very robust and durable. The material has waterproof and tear resistant features. After putting all the materials in the bag, there are clamping straps to adjust the volume. This way you can make it smaller and fit more comfortably. You can put the paddle pieces in the side pockets inside the bag. This section is designed specifically for the paddle.

This prevents the tip of the paddle from tearing the bag. The rubber feet on the bottom of the bag keep you steady on the ground. It does not tip over. Shoulder straps don’t hurt your shoulders. With chest and waist straps, you can fix it to your body and move it easily. Due to the high quality and moisture-absorbing material, it does not sweat your back.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP Set

3-piece carbon fiber shaft travel paddle: Stylish design, durable, hard and easy to use. Affects performance at the highest level. It consists of 3 parts. You can easily remove it. Easy to adjust. You can fix it with the locking pin. Does not open when using. The ability to grasp is extremely good. Made of carbon fiber material.

GRI high-pressure dual-action pump: The two-stage manual pump is capable of competing with many electric pumps. Extremely convenient and practical. 15 PSI runs double-stage to inflate. For example, when you inflate up to 6 PSI, you will have a lot of trouble with other pumps.

But you won’t have that difficulty with this pump. Because the second stage is activated and you continue to inflate with the same ease. The indicator on it shows the air pressure. Thus, it allows you to swell in the most appropriate and right way. The size is small and light. The bag fits very comfortably.

Compatible with all SUP products. You can also use it for other iSUPs.

Color-coded 10′ coiled ankle leash: Leash is one of the most necessary and most useful accessories for SUP users. Most SUP manufacturers do not include this accessory in the package and would like an extra purchase. But this product is available free of charge in the Gili adventure 11′ SUP accessory package.

There are metal swivels at both sides to prevent tangles, as well as a small hidden storage pouch in the cuff for your keys. When you fall into the water over the SUP, you won’t lose the SUP because it’s on your ankle and you can get back on it immediately. In this sense, it is a very important accessory.

It is durable, color-coded cord and comfortable neoprene cuff. Even if you fall into the water, it does not come out of your wrist and allows you to safely go back to the board.

iSUP repair kit: Almost all SUP products on the market have a repair kit in the package. Orange oval box has a valve wrench and two small PVC repair patches. If you experience a minor problem with SUP, you can use this repair kit. It may not work for you if there’s too much damage.

In that case, you can take advantage of the warranty service. But you can fix minor problems that are not serious with this kit. It’s an assistant you must have in your bag. You can do small repairs with this repair kit.


Before we tell you about Gili adventure 11′ paddle board pros, we would like to remind you that this product is currently sold at the campaign price and is available for a short period of time. You need to hurry! Package contents, durability, design, price and accessories offer many advantages for users.

The priority of the people who will use SUP for the first time is definitely the security concern. When you purchase this product, you don’t have to worry about it. Because all security measures have been taken. So, let’s lists the pros now:

– 2 years warranty

– Double-layer PVC in military standards

– Balanced

– Affordable

– Multi-purpose use

– Ideal for beginners

– Safe

– Variety of accessories

– 2 + 1 fin feature

– 3 piece removable carbon paddle

– Good quality backpack

– All shortcomings in the old version are fixed

– 2 stage manual pump

– Plenty of storage space

– 16 D-rings

Those who want to buy a perfect product, do not need to look for another sup. It’s not necessary. Because all the features you have dreamed of for a SUP are collected in this product.


All errors in the previous version of the product have been fixed and a flawless renovation has been made. So, for Gili adventure 11′ SUP cons, we could say that if the carrying case had 4 wheels, it would be better. We didn’t see any cons except this. We tested and used the product in detail for 2 days.

We did not see any flaws or poor performance during this time. We can say that it is an excellent product in every respect.


Price among Sup users is really one of the most important factors when buying the product. When we evaluate the price criterion, we evaluate the features offered by the product and the benefits it provides. Adventure 11′ SUP price is currently on sale and this campaign is limited to stocks, causing intense demand. In our interview with company officials, we have learned that they have experienced intense demand from iSUP users especially in the last month.

They also reported that it is one of the best-selling products in the market.

How to buy?

You can buy the products of the Gili brand from their own corporate website. To buy Gili adventure 11′ SUP, you can use that link.

You can also purchase other SUP products and extra accessories from this website. You can benefit from discount campaigns in certain periods. The product is original and has 2 years warranty. In case of a possible problem, you can get support and assistance from the company’s customer service.

They send free shipping to some countries. And also if you get 2 items multiple, you can get very serious discounts. We recommend you not to miss this opportunity.

Gili Sports Adventure 11′ Buying Guide & FAQ

Q: I saw another SUP model at manufacturer web site. Which one is better for me?

A: The previous model of the manufacturer is smaller than this model. And there were a couple of cons found by SUP users. But the whole cons fixed in this new model.

Q: For whom suitable?

A: Ideal for children, beginners and professionals iSUP users. The product is so safe that you can allow your children to use it easily.

Q: How long does it take to inflate SUP?

A: You can inflate in up to 5 -10 minutes. The supplied pump is extremely durable and can be quickly inflated.

Q: If my product accessories are damaged or lost, can I buy the same?

A: Yes, of course. On the manufacturer’s website, there is a special category for accessories. You can purchase the same accessories supplied on the website. When you look at the price of accessories, you will know how expensive an accessory package is for free.

Q:What colors options does it have?

A: It have blue,teal and yellow colors


During the time we examined the product, we enjoyed the product very much. We are very happy to have tested such a product. The fact that the company has corrected the errors and deficiencies it has determined in the previous version is an indication of how serious they are working.

We evaluated all the details in detail in the Gili Sports Adventure 11′ SUP review. Pros, cons, features, accessories, prices and all other features examined one by one. As a result, we conclude that this product is one of the best. We are pleased to take all the safety measures for durable structure, extra robust material used in production and the safety of SUP users.

We would like to say that is the best you can buy at this price. Easy to carry, especially ideal for female sup users. Blue and yellow colors can also be selected according to the preferences of the ladies and gentlemen. Ask yourself: What features are needed to buy a SUP? And write down all the features you dreamed of on a piece of paper. And then compare this with the review we made on this page. Everything you write on the paper, here you will see the same.

We think you know what we mean! Everything is already in this product. If you need an SUP, we recommend that you realize your dreams before the campaign ends.

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