ISLE Explorer 11’6″ iSUP Review (2020)

There are so many products in the SUP market that, although many of the features are different from each other, the main objectives are the same. Take a trip in the water, sport and exercise and stay alone with nature. In this review, we would like to mention one of the most interesting products for durability and multi-use: ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Inflatable SUP. Even the measurements indicate how solid the product is. Rich variety of accessories, material quality and balanced posture, is one of the best SUP we reviewed.

Its long body gives you ease of movement on it. You can take your pet or bag with you and take long water trips. We can’t say it’s too fast, but we can say it has the best paddles. SUP products, such as already, are not used to speed.

The important thing is your safety on the water and the durability of the product. Military grade drop stitch PVC material gives confidence to the user. Normally, sup products such as this one person, but this product can ride 2 people. Because sup deck is suitable for this.

ISLE Explorer 11'6" Paddle Board

Unboxing the ISLE Explorer 11’6″

We really enjoyed it when ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Inflatable SUP review. We didn’t think we’d like it so much, we were thrilled that the product was perfect.

There are 2 bungee on board. One is at front and the other is at back side. This feature makes you safer on iSUP. Weighing 24 pounds, the product is easy to carry and lightweight. Its lightness makes it easier to move on water.

ISLE Explorer 11'6" Front

We have done detailed reviews and tests for this product with price, performance, material quality, durability, aesthetic design, safe accessories and multi-purpose features.

Specifications of ISLE Explorer 11’6″

ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Inflatable SUP Specifications will provide you with information about the durability of the product. You can also understand why it is suitable for multiple use:

– Lenght: 11’6″

– Width: 32″

– Thickness: 6″

– Weight: 24 pounds

– Max capacity 300 Pounds

– As with most SUP products, you can inflate up to 17 PSI.

Length and width dimensions are compatible with the thickness of the product. It is perfectly balanced in water.


ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Review Performance and Quality

ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Inflatable SUP performance is superior to many products. Gives you what you want. Ideal for beginners and professionals.

We didn’t find any negativity on the water. You can do many exercises easily. Accessories improve performance. You can make long trips safely in the water and you can fight against possible dangers. It has the capacity to move successfully in floating water. Because the thickness of the product is 6″, you can understand that the material used is of good quality.

PVC coated in accordance with military standards. 13 Steel D-rings on the product allows you to connect your equipment. It is also ideal for security measures.

ISLE Customer


The fin in the center can be removed. The other 2 fin are fixed. This feature is really good. It’s totally up to you. The carrying capacity is fine. It can carry 2 people easily, but you still ride as one. Because, no matter how strong and durable the SUP is, recommend to ride one person for each SUP.

Easy to use, high performance level. Material quality, movement in the water, deck surface and stylish appearance received a very good score from us.

The price is very reasonable compared to the SUP market. It is also a plus that the equipped accessory package is free and full.

When we evaluate it in terms of quality and price, we think it deserves its price. You can move it easily with the carrying handle. You can even carry it with one hand. Paddle is also very comfortable to use.

How to Set up?

You only need to set up a maximum of 10 minutes. You will find everything you already need in the box.

Take it out of the bag and inflate it and put the fin on. If you have an electric pump, you can inflate more quickly.

You don’t need to use any tools. It is very practical. After you use it, deflate and put it back in your bag. But don’t forget to wipe it off with a dry cloth. If you use the product clean, you can use it for longer.

What’s in the ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Accessories?

All accessories required for an iSUP are supplied with the product. Paddle, backpack, center fin and pump. The quality of all is above the standards. The manual pump will work very well. The backpack is slightly different than other SUP backpakcs. Different in terms of design and usage.

ISLE Explorer 11'6" Accessories

Paddle: The 3-piece and adjustable carbon hybrid paddle is good enough to maximize performance. Light, balanced and perfect in water movements. Size and ideal to use. It can be easily grasped and held. Anti slip and comfortable to move.

Backpack: The design of the backpack is already remarkable at first glance. Very large and handy bag. the only drawback is the lack of wheels. Made of waterproof, sturdy stitched and quality fabric. If you want a wheelchair backpack, you have that option. Because 2 different backpacks are produced. It fits comfortably into the cabin and luggage of the car.

Manuel Pump: A standard hand pump. Useful. You can inflate in 10 minutes. And it is lightweight. It doesn’t weigh in your bag. You can inflate all sup products with this pump.

Fin: The nylon touring center fin offers a high profile for enhanced stability and tracking on the flat water.

Paddle Nose

ISLE Explorer Pros and Cons

In fact, all the features mentioned above, clearly reveals what we think about ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Inflatable SUP pros and cons.


The quality, price, availability and all other features are a great advantage for users:

– Durable

– Good quality material

– Large deck

– Non-slip surface

– Variety of accessories

– 1 year warranty period

– Customer Service Support

– Multi-purpose use

The biggest pro is its performance. Whatever it takes for a SUP, it’s done. there’s more, but there’s nothing missing.


The paddle board does not have many defects. Just the ones we’re seeing are: Pump could be upgraded to double chamber. No wheels on backpack. Can’t remove/change out the side fins.

That’s why we gave 4.5 stars to the product. if you have any problems after purchasing and using the product, please write to us and let us know.

We can update this article and add it. As a result of three days of testing, we have not found any negativity.

What is the price of ISLE Explorer 11’6″ ?

All sup products of the company, which is a budget-friendly price policy, are sold at prices in the market average. ISLE Explorer 11’6″ inflatable SUP price is also so. Since it is a very high quality product that you can use without any problem for many years, its price is also suitable.

Currently sold at the campaign price. You know, there was a discount on SUP products before the summer.

We do not know when this campaign, which is very short-term and limited to inventories, will end. We recommend that you do not miss the opportunity. If you are considering buying a SUP, this product is for you.

How to buy?

You can purchase the products of the Isle brand at a very affordable price at internet. The best market for this is the Amazon website. Safe, fast and with international shipping option you can buy ISLE Explorer 11’6″ inflatable SUP from this link.

ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Buying Guide & FAQ

Q: What is the most obvious difference between this product and other sup products?

A: The first noticeable difference and feature is that it has a wide deck. Its durability and water balance are also very different.

Q: Can I do all the sports on it?

A: You can do all sports and exercises except footballJ Large surface suitable for this

Q: How can i clean it?

A: It is sufficient to wipe it with a dry cloth without using detergent. But be sure to dry the product after use

Q: Is it safe for children?

A: We can say that there is also a SUP which children can use safely. Unless they forget to wear a life jacket.

Q: Do you have different colors?

A: There are 2 different color options. Green and Blue. Both colors are very beautiful and flashy.

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If you’re looking for an affordable, durable, robust and balanced sup, you don’t have to think about it more. We can tell you this as a result of ISLE Explorer 11’6″ Inflatable sup review. You can do anything you want to do on water.

Long water trips, sports, fishing and pleasant moments with your pet. Because it has a safe structure, you will feel safe in the water. Comfortable and convenient. Having 1 year warranty is an advantage for you.

You can choose between green and blue colors. Ladies usually prefer green color. Men’s blue color. The fact that the brand manufactures in line with international sup standards and has fast customer support are also pros for the users. We love this product. We recommend you try.

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