K-Pump K20 Review (Ultimate Guide 2020)

The most important tool that every sup user needs is the pump. Because sup pumps are special and you can’t inflate with other pumps (for example, a bicycle pump, and a car tire pump). Therefore, if you are an SUP user, you must have a good pump. K-Pump K20 is one of the best pumps in the market.

Standard pumps can be inflated up to 15 psi, with this pump you can inflate up to 25 psi. Gradually changing the way it is used. The most important feature is the 2-step process. Inflates low pressure in the first stage and passes to the second stage when it reaches 6 PSI.

We can say that it is more functional than many electric pumps. Performance is very good, practical and easy to use. It definitely won’t tire you out.

K-Pump K20

Quick Overview for K-Pump K20

The K-Pump K20 is a stylish, compact and handy pump and is the best in its category. With its easy-to-carry feature, you can carry it anywhere in your bag. Suitable for many sup. After 6 psi, you can proceed to the second stage of the adjustment at the top of the pump complete the inflation process.

The standard manual pumps are very difficult to inflate after 6 psi. But since this is a step-by-step setting on the pump, there’s absolutely no strain. You keep inflating at the same pace.

This saves you time and effort.

Specifications of K-Pump K20

The size is compact enough to fit anywhere. It is easy to grasp, use and carry. It comes with carrying case.

With shoulder strap, you can carry it on your back if you want. Here are the K-Pump K20 Specifications:

– Length: 21 inches

– Width: 3 inches

– Weight: 2 lbs

– Warranty: 2 year

– Volume/Stroke, Low Pressure: 0.3 gal. (1.2 liters)

– Volume/Stroke, High Pressure: 0.2 gal. (0.8 liters)

– Material: ABS plastic construction – very strong and UV resistant

Specifications and performance are compatible with each other. Because of its compact size, it can be easily inflated.


We tried several SUP pumps before. Most are very tiring and difficult to use.

Setting of PSI was very difficult. But the K-Pump K20 performance is really good. It can do the inflating adjustment very well.

K-Pump K20 Review

It is easy to use and works more than its size. Quite successful. In terms of price, the market has a more affordable price than most products. Because it is small in size, it can be more comfortable if you are sitting on a stool or chair. Or you’re going to have to bend over, and that might bother you.

So… Pros And Cons ?

You can be sure that you will find more than what should be in a manual pump on this pump.


Everything you need for comfortable, fast and easy operation is well thought out. For the K-Pump K20 pros, we can list these features:

– Compact design

– Easy to carry

– Economic price

– 2-stage operation

– Blowing capacity up to 25 PSI

– High performance

– Suitable for all SUP products

The carrying case is an advantage for you. Due to its light weight, it is comfortable to carry. Note that this pump is for SUP only.


Believe us, we’ve thought a lot about writing something for K-pump K20 cons, and we’ve tried to find at least a few negative things.

We tested the product for 1 day. We even inflated and deflate a couple of times. But we’ve never had a negative situation. We can really say that it is the best manual pump on the iSUP market. It is a pump that meets all your needs, is affordable, easy to use and has high performance.

There are many reasons to buy this pump, but there is no reason not to buy it.

What is the price of K-Pump K20?

We have seen that the K-pump K20 price is much cheaper than many manual pumps on the market. According to this performance and quality, the price is very affordable.

Budget-friendly product. 2-year warranty is also a plus. If you use it as it is written in the user manual, it is durable and robust enough to use for 5-10 years.

You can also use it if you are using another SUP. Compatible with almost all SUP. You will not need to buy an electric pump.

How to buy K-Pump K20?

The most reliable address that all SUP users shop with is of course the Amazon website.

When SUP fans will shop, they first check the Amazon web site. Because you can find the most affordable and guaranteed SUP products and accessories.

To buy K-Pump K20, you can check that link. You can order the product to be delivered anywhere in the world in just a few days.

You can benefit from secure payment methods, user-friendly rules and fast customer service support.

K-Pump K20 Buying Guide & FAQ

Q: What is the difference between this pump and other manual pumps?

A: You can easily understand this when you use the product. It is very different from other products in terms of performance, compact design and price.

Q: Does it have any other color options?

A: It’s a single color. White color.

Q: Is it better than an electric pump?

A: If you want to know our real opinion, yes, it’s better. Because you need a battery for an electric pump. Or you should charge it from the car. But there’s nothing wrong with that. You can inflate your SUP in almost the same time. Easier and faster.

Q: Is the product guaranteed?

A: Yes! 2 year. If you experience problems with product errors, the manufacturer will support you. You won’t have easy problems with these products.

SUP Options

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The pump is the most important help for the SUP. Without it, you cannot use SUP.

That’s why the K-Pump K20 review was very important for us and we tested it in the most detailed way. From the air pressure gauge, you can see the air pressure you have inflated and you can process accordingly. It’s a pump you can buy without thinking about.

It is easy to use. The price is the best in the market. It is a product that every SUP user must have in his bag. It saves you time and you don’t need to buy unnecessary electronic pumps with very expensive prices.

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