Nixy Newport G4 SUP Review 2020

We are pleased to introduce you to another product of the NIXY brand. Its name is NIXY Sports Newport G4 10’6″. As with all Nixy products, a durable, robust, stylish design and a lightweight SUP. Both very durable material and very light (21 pounds only) do not surprise you. Because one of the most important features of NIXY is that it uses Fusion technology in production.

With the application of this technology, the products are rock-solid and light as bird. This feature ensures a stable and stable movement on the water. All safety measures were taken accordingly. In addition to children, it is also the choice of female SUP users. It is preferred because of its portable, safe and multi-use features.

The included accessory package (especially the backpack) is included in the price of the product. This is a great advantage for SUP users. Carbon fiber hybrid paddle is an effective factor in your performance. You can use it easily with your child or with your pet. With 2-stage high-pressure pump, three-piece removable carbon fiber hybrid paddle, high-quality hybrid ankle leash and 1st quality wheeled backpack is one of the best products to buy.

Nixy Newport G4 Stand Up Paddle Board

Nixy Newport G4 Some Quick Facts

If the iSUP is an indispensable hobby for you, if you are just starting out and want to buy an affordable SUP, we want you to know that you are in the right place.

You can easily use it at sea, lake, ocean and river. There is no doubt that the market is the lightest SUP. Although it is so light, it is quite safe and fast. Stainless steel D-rings, carbon fiber hybrid paddle and non-slip surface make you feel safe on board. The 2+1 fin feature allows you to use it differently. For example, you can remove one or two of them if you want to use them more stable in extreme wavy waters.

Depending on how you want to use it, you can set the options. If you want, you can add a seat to the middle. There are enough d-rings for this. Ideal for families with children. Its surface has tropical leaves graphics. You can move with neoprene carrying handle easily. It is covered by a two-tone EVA foam traction pad. The double layer liquid PVC coating is very durable and protects you from water impacts dangers on water.

Available with Aqua, Blue, Purple, Exuma Site and Palm Site color options, this SUP can be inflated up to 15 PSI. 30-day money back and 2 years guaranteed NIXY Sports Newport G4, suitable for SUP users of all ages. Your biggest advantage is that you buy a world brand like NIXY. The company’s customer service provides 7×24 service and you can share all your problems with them.


Don’t pay attention that the deck is small. Carrying capacity of 2 people can carry easily. NIXY Newport G4 Specifications, as you can see, it has perfect measurements for durability and safety.

Nixy Newport G4 Front

NIXY Company pays attention to size adjustment in all products. The reason why they are already so favored is that they are safe and robust. Here is the list:

– Length: 10’6″ (320cm)

– Width: 33″ (83.82cm)

– Thickness: 6″ (15.24cm)

– Weight: 21 pounds

– Volume: 300Lt

– Complete package weight: 35 lbs

– Rider Weight: Up to 300 lbs

– Non-slip soft NIXY logo stamped, grooved, and UV protected traction pad

– 16 D-ring

– 3 Toolless Removable Fins

– Recommended Inflation: 15 PSI

– 1x 9″ tool-less removable US/FCS™ compatible center fin, 2x 5″ tool-less removable side fins

– 3-piece adjustable carbon fiber hybrid paddle (25 Ounces)

– 5 different color options


NIXY, one of the companies that introduced Fusion technology to the SUP market, used this technology for NIXY Newport G4 Construction. That’s why it’s so light and durable. Dual layer PVC coated and solidified with drop stitch core.

Nixy Newport G4 Back

Please note that all products included in the package are of the same quality. Paddle, pump, leash, backpack and repair kit are very high quality and manufactured by NIXY. When evaluated as a structure, it has superior features than many products on the market. As a matter of fact, you can see this feature easily on all other NIXY products. This is the strategy of the company.

NIXY Newport G4 Review Quality and Performance

Do you know what Fusion technology we’re talking about all the time? Let’s give you a brief information about this technology. So you can better understand the NIXY Newport G4 quality. This term, which is also used as nuclear fusion, is a phenomenon in which light atomic nuclei are transformed into another element with more heavy nuclei by releasing energy out of the nuclear reaction. If we can bring the two atomic nuclei together, we create a new core.

Nixy Customer 3

When deuterium and tritium nuclei collide at very high temperatures, they are fused and then separated into a neutron and helium core to produce a clear energy. This creates fusion energy. This high-tech technology is used for your safety and comfort.

You can be sure that NIXY Newport G4 performance is high for every SUP user. You get the best performance for fishing, exercising in the water and water sports. We certainly do not recommend using too fast. We do this warning for all sup products. Your safety is a priority. Please note that sup products are used for hobby use. Not for speed on water! Especially carbon fiber hybrid paddle increases your performance in the water. It gives you pleasant driving pleasure.


When we examine the NIXY Newport G4 features, we can better understand the reasons for being among the best. It is not possible to buy a different SUP product with these features at the same price.

Nixy Customer 4

The price of equivalent products starts at least $ 1000. If you are looking for both a good quality and a cheap SUP, we recommend that you take this opportunity.

– Super Light

– Multi-purpose use

– Ideal for children and women

– 2 years warranty

– Multiple color options

– Good quality backpack

– 2 + 1 removable fin

– 3-piece adjustable carbon fiber hybrid paddle

– Safe and robust

– Durable

– All around iSUP

– Improved strength and stiffness

– Fusion technology

So… How to set up?

Not only this product, but also all other SUP products are very simple to install and similar. What you have to do is very simple. Remove all parts and accessories from the box. Inflate with the pump, assemble the parts and bring them ready for use in minutes. The process is so easy. The only thing you have to pay attention to is to inflate properly. Recommended is 15 PSI. Depending on SUP capacity and size, these rates may vary. And also especially when combining paddle and fin pieces, you must make sure you are doing in right way. These are necessary to safely use the SUP.

What’s in the NIXY Newport G4 Accessories?

NIXY is one of the best accessory packages among sup brands. NIXY Newport G4 accessories are well equipped to meet all the requirements of SUP users. There are 5 accessory such as Backpack, paddle, pump and leash in the package. And all are provided free of charge. All accessories included in the package have a 90-day warranty.

Nixy Newport G4 Accessories

Three Wheeled Backpack

This backpack, made of high quality material, is the best product of the accessory package. With two shelves, we can find enough space to put paddles. We can hide our little things in three layers of inner pockets. There are different places for all accessories and parts inside the package. For example, you have enough space to store your accessories such as paddle, pump, leash, repair kit. It’s a complete sup backpack. It can also be used for travel.

You can carry it with you in outdoor activities. You can use it for many sports branches. The material is waterproof and has a soft padded strap for easy carrying on your shoulders. It does not sweat your back. Since it has four wheels, you can drag it on the floor if you want. With the pads and waist straps, you can move more comfortably to your back.

The bag has handles in 3 different places. So you can carry all kinds of easy. (Vertical or horizontal). You can put it behind the airplane cabin, car trunk or your bike. The sizes are suitable for this. Other SUP products can also be carried in this backpack. Each SUP, which is of average size, can easily fit into it.

Nixy Backpack and Pump

Dual Chamber Triple Action Hand Pump

You can inflate up to 29 PSI with this dual chamber triple action manual pump. But don’t forget that 15 PSI is enough. It is a lightweight and practical pump. The backpack has special storage space.

You can inflate between 5-7 minutes. Different SUP can inflate. But not for other products except SUP (Car tire, bicycle tire etc.) It provides more than an electric pump can do. If you have this pump, you do not need an electric pump. Durable, small and light hand pump. Does not irritate your hands.

Carbon Fiber Hybrid Paddle

What is the most important accessory for a SUP? Those who say paddle answered correctly. Because without paddle, you can’t use sup. It’s the accessory we need most. Most sup manufacturers do not include paddle in their accessory pack and sell it for a fee. But in the accessory package of NIXY, this is provided free of charge.

With a 3-piece adjustable carbon fiber hybrid paddle, sup control will be in your hands. Maximize performance and ease of use. You can set it to your own size. The locking system on paddle allows you to use it more easily. Easy to grasp and not slip from your hand.

High Quality Hybrid Ankle Leash

Using SUP is a non-dangerous hobby. So there is no risk unless you use it in excessively undulating water. However, you must take the necessary safety measures. Leash is one of these measures. You can secure yourself by connecting one end to your ankle and the other end to the D-ring on the SUP. So even if you fall into the water over the SUP, you can go back again without moving away from the SUP. It’s a security link between you and iSUP. It is made with high quality polyurethane cord giving the most reliability.

You’ve seen how well the accessory package is. If you try to buy such a comprehensive accessory package from the store, you pay very much money. It is %100 free with NIXY Newport G4!

NIXY Newport G4 Pros and Cons

We have compiled reviews from all users for NIXY Newport G4 pros and cons. We transparently compile the highlights, accessories and quality of the product.

NIXY Customer


After the real tests that we have determined during 2 days, Nixy Newport G4 pros can be listed as follows:

– 5 different color options

– Durable

– Stylish design

– Suitable for children

– Ideal for all sports and exercises

– Double layer PVC

– Equipped accessory package

– Very high quality backpack

– 3-piece adjustable carbon fiber hybrid paddle

– All around SUP

– Suitable for multiple use

– 2 years warranty

– 30 days money back guarantee

– Easy to clean

– Suitable measurements

– Direct purchase from the manufacturer


All the tests we performed for the product resulted in success. The only thing we can say for Nixy Newport G4 cons is that it does not have enough handles. If a few more were added, it would be more comfortable. Especially in the distance to the water, you can be a bit difficult to carry.

Also, when you want to hold on to the water, you will see that there are not too many handles. Maybe this is not a very big defect or deficiency, but in the next product update, we hope the company will add more handles.

What is the price of NIXY Newport G4 ?

Sup enthusiasts often want to use a product purchased for many years. After all, it is very important to use a product that pays thousands of dollars for a long time. But you don’t have to pay so much for a SUP. Because the Nixy Newport G4 price really has the best price on the market.

Nixy Customer 2

Moreover, it is sold with campaign and discount. The accessory package is included in the price. The only reason why the price is so cheap is that you buy it directly from the manufacturer. There are no intermediary firms or distributors. Sales are made from the factory.

How to buy?

When buying the products of the Nixy brand, what we love most is that we buy them directly from the manufacturer. Yeah, we love that. If you want to buy Nixy Newport G4, you can buy here.

You can make your payment in a secure way by credit card, Paypal or Affirm and you can have the product as soon as possible.

If you want to be informed of and benefit from the company’s discount campaigns, you can subscribe to our newsgroup or follow us on our social media accounts.

NIXY Newport G4 Buying Guide & FAQ

Q: Does it have international cargo option?

A: Although Nixy is a California based manufacturer, it is capable of shipping all over the world. For delivery time and prices, we recommend that you contact the company’s customer service.

Q: Is it suitable for 2 person?

A: Yes! Lightweight at 21 lbs, and supports 300 lbs.

Q: How much PSI should I inflate?

A: Although it supports up to 20 psi, the ideal rate is 15 psi. You can adjust this from the supplied pump indicator. Recommended PSI for this size SUP is 15.

Q: What should I wear while using SUP?

A: You should definitely wear comfortable clothes. You can even buy these clothes from the Nixy website. The company also produces special textile products. You can check the website. ( Lifestyle category )

Q: I never used any SUP before. Is that suitable for me?

A: Exactly it is for you! As mentioned in our review, this product is suitable for beginners and also for intermediate users.

Other SUP Options

Not sure if this excellent Newport G4 from NIXY is for you?

No problem, check out our reviews of the Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′, Aqua Marina Vapor 9’10”, Atoll Board Co 11′, Gili Sports Adventure 11′.

Then, if this is not the one for you, check out our Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132.

Or, back to NIXY’s option…

NIXY Newport G4 Review Conclusion

We were also examined other products of the Nixy brand. There’s a point that catches our attention. All Nixy sup products and accessories use the highest quality materials. This shows how serious the company is. In our Nixy Newport G4 review, we shared all the pros and cons with you. An ideal product especially for children and beginners.

We would like to point out that it is also an excellent choice for the middle-level SUP users. With a balanced, durable, stylish design and a wide range of accessories, the best-equipped sup you can buy. It passed our test successfully and got a full score from us! A SUP above the market average.

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