Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ SUP Review (2020)

This is the first time we’ve seen a paddle board with a 3-year warranty. Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ is a great product with durability, performance, material quality and a 90-day money back guarantee. One of the oldest and most experienced companies in the sector, Sea Eagle is one of the most equipped board produced. It is particularly ambitious in terms of thickness and durability. You can paddle at the same comfort either sitting or standing.

The large deck is suitable for all kinds of activities and sports. With front and rear handles, you can keep your balance on the paddle board. The parts are easily removable. There are enough D-rings for safety measures. The performance and balance in the water is excellent. This iSUP with a carrying capacity of 200 pounds is especially suitable for children’s use.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11' Stand Up Paddle Board

Quick Overview for Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′, which is suitable for multi-purpose use, is one of the best in terms of material quality. Featuring a well-equipped accessory package, this SUP is available with a renewed and safer paddle. It measures 11′ 30″ 6″ and weighs only 25 pounds. Designed with drop stitch material to increase robustness. Paddle is very light and high performance. You certainly won’t shake when you’re standing on board. The EVA foam Diamond Deck Pad feature gives you comfortable driving pleasure.

Easy removable 2 + 1 fins balance your movements in water and out of water. Manufactured from extremely robust material, these fins are ideal for fixing the product, especially out of water. Offered as 4 different packages, paddle board has different accessory content in each package. The quality of all is the same, and only accessory options are different. You can choose the best one for your budget and usage goal.

LongBoard Bungee and fins

Specifications of Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′

We can list Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ specifications as follows: length 11′, width 30″, thickness 6″, weight 25 pounds and max capacity is 200 pounds. Sup in 4 different packages offered for sale has the same specifications. The dimensions of thickness, width and weight are the same.

Sea Eagle’s commitment to durability in its products is a significant plus for SUP users.

Construction and Performance

The most important element for an iSUP is not the design, but the quality of construction and materials. We can see these features in the Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ construction. Drop Stitch material uses thousands of high tensile strength threads connecting the top and bottom fabric layers, creating thousands of I-beam supports. This paddle board, which can be inflated up to 15 PSI, is lightweight enough to carry comfortably in the carrying case. Paddle performance is very good.

Comfortable and balanced. The material quality of not only the product materials but also the D-rings on the SUP and all accessories, including the Halley Roberts air valve, are at the highest level. Ideal for safe and enjoyable driving of children in the water. We would like to remind you that this is not a speed paddle board.


It allows you to use the SUP safely and comfortably in the harshest weather conditions and water. Because Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ features, was designed for this! In the middle there is a carrying handle for easy carrying of the board.

There are 4 steel stainless D-rings to connect your kayak seat and other equipment. It is also found the same carrying handle in the nose and tail parts of the board. It is ideal for fishing, yoga, water exercises, various activities, nature photography and water navigation. Blue – white mixture and is the only color. The design is impressive.

What’s in the Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ Accessories?

We have mentioned that this product is sold with 4 different options. The product we are currently reviewing is “start-up package”. We will introduce all the packages below separately, but before that we would like to tell you about the Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ accessories in the starter package. This package has everything you need. The other packages are completely dependent on your budget and your usage.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11'Accessories

– Backpack

– Paddle

– Manual Pump

– Repair kit

As you can see, there is no missing! The renewed backpack has the capacity to fit all accessories comfortably. The shoulder straps are comfortable, manufactured from waterproof material and have an extra shelf on the inside. Already SUP, fins and paddle are made of removable parts so you can easily fit.

There is also a separate pocket for the pump. The adjustable paddle is quite lightweight and easy to grind. The indicator in the pump shows how many PSIs are in the inflating position. The Repair kit is a classic accessory for all paddle board products. Increased variety of accessories in other packages.

Extra accessories such as kayak seat, electric pump, fishing rig have been added. You can choose one of the following packages and purchase them. We will explain the details of all accessories. If you want to buy a replacement pump, we can recommend the K-Pump K20 model.

Additional Packages

Start Up: We’ve already explained you this package. It is the package that we have reviewed.

Deluxe: In addition to the starter package, a kayak seat was added. Especially suitable for those who want to fish, relax and take photos on SUP.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11' Deluxe Package

Electric Pump: An electric pump added to the deluxe package.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11' Electric Pump Package

Swivel Fishing Rig: It is an excellent choice for SUP users who like to fish.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11' Swivel Seat Fishing Rig Package

Quickrow: This package is the most well-equipped sup package. All accessories are included. And sold at a discounted price.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11' QuikRow Package


If you’re looking for a fun and safe paddle board, you’ll know you’ve found the right product when reading Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ pros:

– Durable production material

– Balanced and Stable

– Wide and robust

– Affordable price, budget friendly

– Multi-use

– Lightweight paddle

– Easy to carry

– 3 years warranty

– 90 days money back guarantee

– Extra accessory packages

– Safety precautions for comfortable driving pleasure

– Ideal for children

A SUP everyone wants to have! Especially women, teenagers and children will love this board. No need to spend more money on other products.


For Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ cons, we wanted to write at least a two cons. During the time we tested the product, we did not find any negative features. Everything from production quality to material used is excellent. Accessory packages are economical and equipped. Maybe it would have been better if it was produced in several different colors. Most of the accessories in the accessory package have been renewed. All the shortcomings of the previous version have been fixed.

The shipping fee of the products you purchase is a little expensive. Depending on the country you live in, shipping charges could have been a little more appropriate. You can almost pay the shipping fee up to one-third of the product price. The Sea Eagle Company needs to find a solution for this issue.

What is the price of Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ ?

All packages currently have a campaign and are offered at a discounted price. The best Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ price is, of course, for the start-up package. No matter which of the 5 available packages you choose, surprise discounts are waiting for you. You can go to the purchase page at the link below and review the packages and see the discount rates offered to you.

Big discounts between 200 and 400 dollars are made. We have no idea when the campaign is valid. But we’re guessing it won’t be long. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity, take advantage of discounts. If you are looking for a different SUP with similar features, we can recommend ISLE Explorer 11’6″.

LongBoard Yoga

How to buy?

To buy Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′, just go to manufacturer web site. In addition, if you want, you can examine dozens of different products, you can buy extra accessories and products. (Inflatable kayaks, Sups, fishing boats, wave boards, canoe and many accessories for all these products.)

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ Buying Guide & FAQ

Q: Is it ideal for speeding?

A: We don’t think it’s suitable for speed. It is mostly for fun and hobby purposes. Suitable for sports, exercise, yoga and fishing.

Q: Must I have to buy accessory packages? Is the starter pack enough?

A: There is no obligation to purchase an accessory package. Of course, the starter pack is sufficient and appropriate. Other packages are for more comfort and fun. If your budget is suitable for this, you don’t mind buying at discounted prices

Q: What are your recommendations for cleaning and long-term use?

A: Do not leave in the sun for too long. After use, clean with a dry cloth and keep it in the carrying case. For 3 years, you can get support from the company’s customer service under warranty.


We haven’t had this much fun sup review for a long time. Sea Eagle LongBoard 11′ review never tired of us. We’ve told you everything we need to say about the product. It’s a product we can vouch for. You’ll never regret it. Additional accessory packages are intended to completely personalize the product.

Customer Review

Designed for more comfort and safety. Quality of production materials, driving safety and enjoyment, design, accessory packages, price and ease of purchase have impressed us. If you want to buy a safe and durable paddle board for both yourself and your children, this is your chance!

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